This course is designed for those who are learning to teach Algebra-Based Physics and Trigonometry-Based Physics for middle school or high school students, focusing on conveying physics and mathematical concepts. Underlying themes are physics connections to everyday life, applications of algebra and trigonometry in physics, problem solving, and hands on laboratory experience. The course presents physics as the foundation for studying chemistry, biology and advanced mathematics. Technology serves as a tool to establish these connections through exploration, problem solving, formative assessment, presentation, and communication. 

This course focuses on topics explored in AP Physics 1 including vector analysis, kinematics in two dimensions,dynamics in two dimensions, Newtonian gravitation, rotational motion, conservation of energy and momentum, and waves. Big ideas investigated include objects and systems have properties such as mass and charge; the interactions of an object with other objects can be described by forces; interactions between systems can result in changes in those systems; changes that occur as a result of interactions are constrained by conservation laws.

Course Format

The first 15 modules of this course all contain a short answer assignment, a quiz, a lab, and a module exam. Make sure that you familiarize yourself with each of the short answer assignment’s grading rubric. Each module also contains practice problems, videos, and interactives to facilitate your learning. In module 16, you’ll be writing a reflection paper about what you’ve learned in the course and completing a comprehensive final exam.

Number of Credits: 5