This category is designated for any Graduate School resources that will be available to students, faculty and staff.

The diagnostic assessments in this free course can be used to help guide your decisions about which courses you should study to increase the likelihood of a successful outcome on your credentialing exam. The results on these assessments will not be used for any other purpose. 

These questions represent our best judgment as to what is assessed on the exam and the last course in the sequence of NJCTL courses in which that topic is taught. Hence, if you do well on the questions from an early course, you can better focus your efforts on later courses. 

The NJCTL courses can be audited, as self-study courses, which are free to NJCTL Members (an annual tax deductible donation of $95 for an unlimited number of courses) or taken with an instructor for credit for $180 per credit.

There are diagnostic exams for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, K12 Mathematics, Middle School Mathematics and Middle School Science available in this course. We will soon have diagnostic exams for General Science and Computer Science. Email if you have any questions.