This course is for teachers to review and extend their prior study of physics in the realms of mechanics (including fluids); electricity; magnetism & electromagnetic induction; optics & waves; thermal physics; modern physics; and special relativity.  This capstone course also serves as a review for the Praxis Physics Content Knowledge Test (5265).

Prerequisite: PHYS6605 or Instructor Approval

Course Format

The first 13 modules of this course all contain a short answer assignment, a quiz, a lab, and a module exam. Make sure that you familiarize yourself with each of the short answer assignment’s grading rubric. Each module also contains practice problems, videos, and interactives to facilitate your learning. In modules 14 and 15 you'll be completing a comprehensive Physics Praxis Exam Review. In module 16 you’ll be writing a reflection paper about what you’ve learned in the course and completing a comprehensive final exam.

Number of Credits: 5